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  • arrowFull Spectrum Cyber Operations Support

    • The need to ensure freedom of movement in cyberspace while simultaneously safeguarding our information systems is critical for achieving information superiority in the 21st century battlefield. SPYROS cyber planners are leaders in the development and integration of cyber capabilities into national level and joint operations. We offer a wide variety of Cyber and Information Assurance solutions to meet your specific requirements.
  • arrowSignals Intelligence Analysis

    • The growing relationship between Cyber and Signals Intelligence demands an extensive knowledge of both to be successful. SPYROS has a substantial cadre that is widely experienced in the SIGINT realm. We provide significant capabilities to our clients that require support in navigating the complex world of SIGINT policy and operations.
  • arrowCounter Intelligence

    • As part of our full I&T services, SPYROS provides Signature Reduction Officer (SRO) support. The SPYROS SRO ensures required personnel have received periodic training and documentation (i.e., Information Assurance, Operational Security, and certain special access training) to execute your special mission requirements.
  • arrowIntelligence Planning and Leadership Consulting

    • SPYROS professionals maintain between 10-15 years of experience in their respective fields and are selected for their skills and ability to understand the complex world of intelligence operations planning. As leaders in their disciplines, SPYROS team members can provide support to leaders with assistance in vision, goal setting, metrics, and systems design. We can help you ensure your mission is accomplished.
  • arrowSpecial Access Program Support

    • SPYROS personnel are recognized as some of the most skilled individuals in supporting Special Access Programs (SAP) and Sensitive Operations. This highly classified realm requires the most talented and capable individuals and SPYROS leads the way. We can assist with any SAP requirement to ensure you accomplish your mission.
  • arrowTechnical and Intelligence Leader Training

    • SPYROS offers extensive services in training leaders responsible for technical intelligence programs and operations. Our senior staff maintains a vast array of experience leading very successful, complex, and technical intelligence organizations. We have led organizations in combat and contingency operations and can offer specialized training on doctrine, policies, techniques, tactics, and procedures that are proven to work in the most austere and hostile environments.
  • arrowPersonnel and Physical Security Services

    • SPYROS takes great pride in our Personnel and Physical Security Services. SPYROS professionals are qualified in the latest Personnel and Physical security techniques and regulations. We understand that your physical security is a top priority. We can manage and maintain all your SCIF requirements ensuring you maintain full compliance with existing regulations and requirements.
  • arrowAdministrative Services and Personnel Management

    • SPYROS also offers personnel management and general administrative support; from Budget Analyst to Systems Administrator. Our specialists deliver a wide range of services to include acquisition, budgeting, travel, and leave programs. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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